nesanational evironmental services agency  
Discharge Licensing
Emissions to the environment are generally controlled by mandatory regulation such as effluent discharge licence, IPC or IPPC licence, waste permit, waste licence, etc.

Nesa has experience with all aspects of licensing and permitting for a large range of clients and can:
Provide advice on the application process.
Help to prepare and submit an application for an environmental licence or permit.
Provide expert professional assistance with the operation of a licence or permit.

Wastewater Treatment
Proper treatment and disposal of used water from any activity is essential to prevent adverse environmental impact and to ensure compliance with specified emission limit values.

Our expertise in wastewater treatment is well recognized and nesa can:
Provide advice on process design and operation of wastewater treatment systems.
Assess existing systems, optimise their performance, and develop cost effective plans for upgrading or extending existing plants where necessary.
Audit process areas to help develop waste reduction programmes, and in many cases overcome the need for extending a wastewater treatment plant.

Firewater Risk Assessment
Water used to fight fire can be a major cause of pollution. Nesa can:
Assess the environmental risk from contaminated firewater in the event of a fire.
Assess and define the requirement for firewater retention facilities.
Prepare emergency response procedures to minimise environmental and corporate risk.

List of Services