nesanational evironmental services agency  

Odour Abatement
Nesa has vast experience in implementing proper controls and employing appropriate technology to eliminate odour nuisances arising from activities. Nesa can:
Assess the problem and recommend a solution.
·· Provide    professional   advice on the proper controls and odour abatement technologies suitable for your activity.
Model odour emissions.

Air Dispersion Modelling
Computerised mathematical modelling is ideal for assessing likely impacts of air-borne pollutants and for assessing effects of reduced emissions. Using AERMOD or ISCST3 nesa can:
model a variety of parameters and situations to ensure compliance with licence requirements or as part of an IPC/IPPC licence application.
Define appropriate stack height for combustion or abatement systems to ensure compliance with ambient air quality standards or specified ground level concentrations.

Boiler Efficiency Testing
To ensure compliance with emission limit values it is often necessary to carry out regular testing of emissions from boiler stacks. Nesa can:
Provide on-site testing of emissions.
Interpret results and provide recommendations for improvements.

GHG Permits
The EU Emissions Trading Directive is being implemented in Ireland to meet Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction targets as set out in the Kyoto agreement. Ireland has recently issued the National Allocation Plan to allocate allowances to participants in the Emission Trading Scheme. Nesa can:
Provide advice on the emission trading scheme
Help to prepare and submit the relevant applications for the emission trading scheme
Provide expert professional assistance with the operation of the permit.

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