nesanational evironmental services agency  

EMAS/ISO 14001
Identification, management and control of environmental aspects of an activity are essential to minimise the risk to the environment and the risk of corporate exposure. Implementing a management system such as EMAS or ISO 14001 ensures that a company will meet exacting environmental standards and enhance the company's environmental image. Nesa can:
Support the development and operation of an environmental management system
Assist the client in fulfilling the requirements for implementation of recognised environmental management systems such as EMAS or ISO 14001
Provide appropriate training to ensure that the EMS is functioning within the company

Secure On-line Interactive EMS
Recording, reporting and access to environmental data and information are essential elements of any environmental management system, particularly in the single medial or IPC/IPPC Licences, Waste License or Permit and the GHG Emissions Scheme. Nesa provides a secure web based interactive environmental management system whereby clients can:
Input monitoring data required by their licence or permit on-line on a password protected system.
Produce reports required by regulatory authorities at the click of a button.
Have ongoing support and advice from nesa to ensure compliance with their licence or permit.

Environmental Auditing
Environmental Auditing is an essential tool for assessing environmental performance relative to mandatory or voluntary standards. Nesa can:
Develop suitable audit plans.
Carry out internal and external audits.
Provide expert professional advice on closing out any non-conformances identified during an audit.

IPC/IPPC Licensing
All emissions to the environment are likely to be controlled by conditions attached to an effluent discharge licence, integrated pollution control licence, integrated pollution and prevention control licence, waste permit, waste licence, or other mandatory regulation.

Nesa has experience with all aspects of licensing and permitting for a large range of clients and can:
Provide advice on the application process
Help to prepare and submit an application for an environmental licence or permit
Provide expert professional assistance with the operation of a licence or permit

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